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The beginning of 2013 marked a new era in Russ Miller’s solo career. Russ comments, “I have played a lot of music with a lot of different people and I enjoy all of it. Many times on American Idol, in records, or movie dates or for “house band” shows, I only play the songs once or twice. My job is to make something, that I’m literally sight-reading, sound like we have been playing it for years. Now is the time to actually play it for years! I have been in bands in my career, The Psychedelic Furs, etc., but it wasn’t my material. I want to take a palette of material and take it somewhere. I want to see how I can approach a library of material, grow with it and see where I can take it musically. I have watched many friends of mine do this for a long time. The “Arrival Trio” is my avenue to explore this.” 
“Chegada3” is Russ’ 3rd solo effort. Russ explains the title “Chegada” is “Arrival” in Portuguese and the band has a heavy Brazilian influence to it. The “3” is for the Trio and the Trio’s 3rd project together. Also, it is the 3rd complete solo album that I have done. So, Chegada to the third power “3” made sense!” The original members of the “Arrival” touring trio, Rick Krive and Jerry Watts have returned to solidify this contemporary ensemble. Russ adds, “Rick, Jerry and I are all of the same accord musically and personally. It is one of the easiest situations I have ever worked in. Everybody is great, the crew is great and the whole thing just flows and makes it a great show and a positive work environment.” 
Russ discusses the band’s direction, “We all love Brazilian music. Rick speaks and sings in Portuguese. He is working in Brazil all of the time. Jerry has played with some of the great Brazilian artists, Sergio Mendes and Dori Caymmi, among others. I have done a bunch of Brazilian music in my career. When we got together and just played, the Jazz and Brazilian influences just came to the surface. The ensemble immediately went there.” The Trio’s “Chegada3” album is a mature collection of Brazilian influenced, Jazz and Pop vocal pieces. The undertone of world rhythms and their colors, run throughout the almost 50 minute song set. Unique arrangements of the Beatles “Fool On The Hill,” James Taylor’s “Only A Dream In Rio” and Sting’s “Fields of Gold,” are sprinkled around displays of the ensembles virtuosic musical abilities. There are also beautiful ballads on the “Chegada3” album. Russ describes the ballad moments of the record, “Renata Maria” is a very poignant moment, musically, and it touches you. Also, “My One And Only Love” is so delicate and mature. We all love to play great songs. I have played with some of the greatest vocalists in the world in my career, from Andrea Bocelli and Tina Turner to Ray Charles and Steve Perry. I love playing a great song behind a great singer. It doesn’t all have to be crazy “drum stuff.” 
There are more than enough displays, of why Russ is considered to be one of the top drummers in the world, on “Chegada3”.  Russ comments on the two featured pieces, “Buy-Own” and “Skin Tight” are both roaring moments in the show. I think you can really bust out the “chops” periodically if they are in the right places. It is all about drawing the audience in and taking them on the journey with you.”